Mandatory Fraternity Philanthropy Event Sees Record 50% Turn Out

Pi Kappa Phi Philanthropy

Members of Pi Kappa Phi fraternity attending a philanthropy event for disabled children. (Not pictured: half the chapter.)

The Tau Chi chapter of Pi Kappa Phi was in for quite a surprise Saturday when half of the brothers attended their fundraising event.  “I’ve always stressed the importance of attending our philanthropy events,” said philanthropy chair Ryan Strauss. “We always want to show the campus that we care about our own organization, so I’m glad we had more bodies than usual this time.”  

The appearance of 28 brothers at Pi Kapp’s annual 5-vs-5 flag football tournament to raise money for The Ability Experience, a charity that helps foster relationships with disabled children using sports, shattered a record set in 2008, when 23 out of 50 brothers volunteered at the event.  President Derrick DeMarco felt relief upon witnessing brothers supporting the cause. “I’m definitely pleased with how far we’ve come.  All of those empty threats of extra fines seem to finally be working.”  

“Sure, some of the guys were just standing around in a group just talking to themselves,” Strauss admitted. “But at least we had enough brothers to act as referees and man the food and drink stations.”

“You know, it wasn’t so terrible to show up,” shared junior Garrett Jameson.  “The weather was good, the KD’s were there, everything was alright.”  Even Johnny Reyes, the fifth-year senior infamous for skipping chapter events, could be spotted chatting with friends.  “Yeah, I wasn’t too hungover, and I woke up on time, so I thought ‘Why not? I guess I’ll show up.’ Threw back 3 shots and headed on over.”

Standards chair Peter Carmichael had previously thought about conducting a membership review if the attendance problem remained in a dire state.  “I really didn’t want to have to do it.  But now, I can just assume that the problem is getting better.  I don’t need to file all of those review requests!”  

Unfortunately, the chapter’s success was short lived, as only 13 brothers were in attendance at the chapter meeting the following day.

Toris Coolum

Toris Coolum

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Toris Coolum

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