“No Way To Prevent This” Says Only Kind Of Organization Where This Regularly Happens

The University of Missouri campus was rocked Monday when members of the Kappa Alpha Order were caught hazing pledges. Other members of the only type of organization where this routinely happens on campus agreed that there was no way to stop this from happening. “This was truly horrific, but sometimes things just happen, and there’s nothing we can put in place to stop them,” said Alpha Tau Omega brother Sean Ackermann, echoing beliefs of hundreds of thousands of undergraduate members who belong to social fraternities that haze members more frequently than any other collegiate group, and 73% of whose members have experienced hazing. “I mean, what can we do? Any time a group of guys gets together, stuff is bound to happen.” Reportedly, members of fraternities that have been responsible for hazing deaths every year since 1970 have referred to the problem as “unsolvable”.

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