Newest Pledge Class President At TKE Colony Turns Out To Be High School Sophomore

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TKE at Valparaiso live up to their national reputation with this embarrassing move.

Valparaiso, IN – The Gamma-Chi colony of Tau Kappa Epsilon at Valparaiso University was dealt a stunning blow when it  had discovered that pledge class president Kevin Mullins was actually a student at Valparaiso High School.

“It’s a huge shock to all of us.” Gamma-Chi president Will Tucker said. “Kevin was a born leader; we saw a lot of potential in him, easily the favorite for our ‘New Brother of the Year Award’. He was the unanimous choice for pledge-class president among his peers. The other four candidates really loved him.”

The seventeen man fraternity met at an off-campus house to take in news as well as discuss options for the future.

“This is going to be a huge blow to our intramural flag football chances, “ said junior Thomas Wood. “Kevin was our quarterback. We were finally going to beat FIJI this year. I don’t know how we’ll manage without him.”

The discovery was made by new member educator Johnny Graham after he picked up Mullins at his house before a brotherhood event. “A few of the guys and I were gonna go play Magic at Greg’s and Kev [Mullins] was coming along. He was talking about a new deck and we were all super excited to see it.” Graham recounted. “But when we got to his house, his mom came outside with him and asked if I had my license for long enough to be driving people around. I thought she was crazy.”

Graham then asked Mullins about the incident, in which Mullins revealed he was a sophomore in high school, not college.

The Momus online reached out to Mullins for comment but he only said that “he thought they were just a group of guys that hung out at the comic book store”.

“We’re all just floored” Tucker commented again. “We all just thought he was a commuter.”

The colony does plan to bid Mullins in three years, if he decides to go to the university. They have also announced plans to do a more thorough check on Facebook to make sure potential new members are actually enrolled at the university.

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