Local Craft Store Runs Out Of Glitter During Recruitment Video Season

CHAMPAIGN, IL – A craft store in Champaign, Illinois has run out of glitter, sparking outrage in the University of Illinois Greek community as women prepare for sorority recruitment. Andrea Arnold, the manager of the local Michael’s, says that the store was not prepared for the number of sorority women coming into the store to buy glitter over the past month. “I apologize for poor planning on our part; this could’ve been avoided if we’d done our research and anticipated how popular glitter would be this time of year,” she said. “We should’ve known this would be a problem because sorority women depend on us for everything they do.”

Arnold also noted that she saw many college-aged women coming into the store and purchasing glitter, but she couldn’t notify other locations fast enough to have more shipped in. “They come in and buy large quantities of glitter, and we just can’t keep up. We hope this won’t impact our sales later in the year, and we’ll keep canvases, wooden letters, and paddles stocked in preparation for other popular sorority events like recruitment workshops and big/little reveal.”

It’s become a common trend in sorority recruitment videos for women to blow glitter into the camera, and this often requires multiple takes to get a shot that’s good enough to use for the video. Because of the glitter shortage, many sororities have had to delay the release of their videos because they’re missing that perfect shot. “It’s really annoying that we can’t just post our video,” said Haley Johnson, a member of Phi Mu. “Glitter blowing is a staple in recruitment videos. How are PNMs supposed to take us seriously as a sorority if we can’t include that? It’s iconic.”

Other sorority women worry about how much they’ll be able to rely on the local Michael’s for other events. “U of I has 24 Panhellenic sororities, and recruitment videos have been a tradition for years. The store should’ve been more prepared for this,” said Emily Rosenberg, who serves on the Panhellenic executive board. “How are we supposed to know that we’ll be able to count on them to have what we need for other events? Crafting is an important part of sorority culture.” So far, there has been no word on how soon Michael’s will restock glitter. There have been rumors of the Panhellenic Council pushing back the recruitment process to give sororities time to come up with new ideas, but nothing has been confirmed.

Grace Mauery

Grace Mauery

Grace is a music major and has heard the "band camp" joke more times than she can count. She enjoys crafting, themed parties, fried chicken, and weird marching band tan lines.
Grace Mauery

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