Liberal Arts Fraternity Compare Their Greek Life To SEC Schools

NEW YORK, NY – A fraternity member at Syracuse University of Calligraphy and Croatian Scripture (SUCCS), who chose to remain anonymous, has boasted that the Greek life at their school rivals that of SEC culture. He even believes that in some aspects they outperform those other schools, providing a better environment and better parties.

SUCCS is a liberal arts college that specializes in, you guessed it, calligraphy and Croatian scriptures. It boasts an impressive 681 enrollment with two fraternities and three sororities, but according to this student size is “not important.” The school does report that one third (or around 200) of students participate in Greek life. While their chapter size and total greek numbers may not compare to that of larger southern schools, he believes that a smaller and more tight-knit greek community makes their campus’ FSL better.  The student even says he has multiple reports from sorority women claiming that “smaller is better” and “it’s not the size of the chapter, but how they effectively use their members.”

A controversial statement made earlier this month where another student claimed their parties were just as good as their SEC counterparts was agreed upon by our source. He made a statement on the matter.

“Our parties are the best on campus and I’m sure that given the chance our other chapters from those large SEC schools would come party with us in a heartbeat. We actually did a trip down to Alabama last year and I can tell you I wasn’t impressed one bit. Sure there were a couple hundred more people than our average party, but all of the girls were stuck up and kept giving us weird looks.”

He also noted that their parties once were the most popular on campus, reaching a turnout of over 40 people multiple times.
Along with this, he wasn’t impressed with the turnout to their philanthropy events. While the SUCCS chapter records over 90% attendance when it comes to theirs, when talking to other chapters members during their visit most of them didn’t even know what their national’s charity was. They also couldn’t remember the last time they actually went to “one of those boring ass events.”

Not wanting to dwell on the feud entirely, he mentioned plans for the future of their fraternity and was pretty excited for their upcoming “Game Night” where they pull an all-nighter playing various games together. “It’s pretty rad, last year I won the whole thing and I’m planning on taking home the gold again this year. I’ve been lucky enough to have tons of free time on Saturday nights to hone my skills and practice.”

Jake Wooley

Jake Wooley

I joined a fraternity to help the community.
Jake Wooley

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