Pledge Struggles To Determine Which Gatorade Flavor Active Will Want In The Morning

New Brunswick, NJ – Jim Lawson, pledge of the Beta Gamma chapter of Beta Theta Pi was seen looking for Gatorade at the grocery store before their party that night.

“I know Flounder and Maverick are both gonna be real hungover tomorrow morning,” said Lawson, “and they’re gonna want me to buy them some Gatorade. I just hope I don’t pick the wrong flavors.”

Lawson reportedly knows that Maverick – whose real name is Tucker Wilson – enjoys the green apple flavor, however “he’s real prone to throwing that shit up.” Fellow pledge James Lee would be tasked with cleaning it up, and Lawson did not want to make him mop up more vomit than he already has to. Flounder, whose real name is actually Flounder, is pretty much okay with every flavor except grape. In a colossal fuck up, former pledge Ross Page bought grape Gatorade last weekend, causing him to be dropped.

At press time, Lawson noticed that Powerade was on sale, and was heavily considering purchasing it instead.

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