Brexit Inspires Action In US Fraternity

As news of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union begins to settle we see a development in our own secession-happy State of South Carolina. With news of the Sigma Chi chapter from the University of South Carolina pushing for their own version of the Brexit in an attempt to get away from Nationals.

For those who are uninformed or who don’t care about the tea sippers across the pond, here is a quick summation of the Brexit movement in the UK. On the 23rd of June, the United Kingdom voted on whether to stay or leave the European Union by way of a referendum. The vote was as close as possible with the final win being by a few percentage points on a two option question. The UK voted to leave the European Union for a variety of reasons mostly due to the obscene amount of regulations set upon them by the European Union and the non-existent immigration laws of the EU. The UK were obviously encouraged by their own colonies successful rebellion and of a certain United States Presidential candidate’s schtick to “Build That Wall”. The South Carolina chapter of Sigma Chi identifies with this plight and hopes to follow suit in the following weeks.

The Brothers of SC-Sigma Chi have cited a litany of reasons for the ending of their relations with the national chapter. They are tired of the obscene regulations that they place on the chapter such as no hazing, mandatory alcohol training and not allowing them to budget for certain items. Such as, “a couple keys of coke” for the formal as quoted by an anonymous upperclassmen. He would see the chapter use the money to pay for it out of the budget instead of the chapter having to “Pass the Hat”. Another grievance is the ridiculous amount of money that the chapter pays to nationals for little to no tangible benefits. We reached out to the Sigma Chi chapter adviser and he was unable to explain what the money goes to, was quoted as “I don’t know what it’s for, I just write the checks”.

Another major problem that the Sigma Chi chapter has with their nationals is their belief in that all legacies need to be bidded and that all transfer students must be accepted if they are already brothers. One of the brothers compared it to how in the EU immigrants are able to travel freely among any of the member countries with no checks or say from the countries. “I’m tired of having goobers join Sigma Chi at other schools and then transfer here. Plus, all of the legacies this year blow. Their dads don’t even donate to the house”. The #SCexit party has used these two sections above in their campaign to hopefully whip the chapter into voting to disaffiliate from nationals and go local.

While some are concerned at the dip in the value of Sigma Chi’s spending power, the #SCexit party reassures them that their alumni and large budget will float them through the rough times early on if they choose to leave.

We reached out to the current President of Sigma Chi and asked for what side he would be voting. “I’m going to vote to stay in with Nationals, but if we do choose to disaffiliate I am going to quit. These animals are never happy with anything, I don’t know how I would control them without Nationals to back me up.”

The chapter vote will take place on August 1st. We conducted a small scale straw poll and the votes were leaning towards #SCexit with 40% supporting leaving, 30% wanting to leave, and the rest being JIs. “Whose vote doesn’t fucking count anyway” the Vice President was quoted as saying.

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